Pots for P.O.T.S

A range of Pots hand painted by me.

This was a fundraising idea I had long before we lost Tay back when we first got the diagnosis of Pots (Dysautonomia) and then learned of all her other illnesses.

We started considering what we could do to fundraise to help fund her medical journey. I am no artist so these pots are by no means perfect art but the point is to raise funds for research therefore proceeds raised from selling these will be directed towards Dysautonomia International.

This foundation has recently been doing some great research into the connection between neurological disorders and GI disorders which is obviously very close to my heart.

These are either painted using posca paint pens or vinyl decal added and each has a clear lacquer finish to seal.

These pots have a removable plug. They are made from plastic and measurements are 14cm x 11.5cm

The pot shown planted has been sold and is used for displaying purposes only.

These pots can be used for a number of purposes only limited by your imagination.

Enjoy my not so perfect artwork😍